Stefans Tools

Useful open source tools that make your life easier

AClr AAClrChange Aero colors to match wallpaper1.0.2
April 15, 2013
BowPad BowPadA simple and fast text editor with a ribbon UI2.3.5
January 12, 2018
CommitMonitor CommitMonitorMonitor your SVN repositories and notifies you on new commits1.11.2
May 14, 2016
CryptSync CryptSyncSynchronizes multiple folders with each other, keeping them up-to-date. One folder of each pair is kept encrypted.1.2.6
December 17, 2016
DemoHelper DemoHelperDraw on your screen, magnify, etc1.3
Dec 15, 2012
Evernote2Onenote Evernote2OnenoteImport Evernote notebooks into Onenote1.2.2
January 9, 2016
EvImSync EvImSyncSync Evernote notes with Gmail and vice versa1.0.0
Dec 28, 2010
FavIconizer FavIconizerPersist the icons in your favorites in Internet Explorer1.4
Dec 15, 2012
FileTool FileToolLock files, create files and folders with any size and numbers1.0.0
Jan 19, 2013
grepWin grepWinA powerful and fast search tool using regular expressions1.7.1
November 8, 2017
MailNoter MailNoterCapture web content and email it1.0.1
Feb 19, 2009
SendMessage SendMessageDeveloper tool to send Windows messages to any window1.1.4
September 08, 2013
SKTimeStamp SKTimeStampChange file dates easily, directly from explorer1.3.5
November 19, 2016
StExBar StExBarA very helpful explorer addon that's highly customizable1.9.0
March 8, 2017
tabspace tabspaceCommand line tool to batch convert tabs to spaces and vice versa1.1.6
May 24, 2017
TrafficWatcher TrafficWatcherMonitor your network traffic2.0.1
Mar 4, 2009